Zend Framework Development

Zend is an open source web application framework using the Object Oriented Programming of PHP 5. Zend Technologies is the company behind this Framework. This Framework has the features like Object Oriented Programming, Model View Controller Architecture, Multiple database support, Security implementation using ACL, Template Support, Caching, Form Validation etc These are the most important thing we considered while choosing Zend as our development Platform.

Zend Development Expertise

We are using Zend Framework for the last Three Years. On few Years period, we only focused on Zend Framework & Codeigniter. We completed Five Projects in Zend Framework which includes Photo Gallery, Social Networking, Resorts Directory Listing & Story Publishing. All of these are started from scratch and the project size starts from small to big.

Our Team Members are expert in all aspects of Zend Framework like User Authentication, MVC Style Coding, Session Storage, Modules, User Roles and Access Controls, Ajax Usage using JQuery, Pagination, Custom Plugins, Custom Library, URL Rewriting, SaaS implementation in Zend, Photo Resizing etc works.

Completed Projects using Zend Framework

Story Publishing website developed using PHP-MySQL in Zend Framework. This site provides all features to manage posts for registered users. It uses direct registration and sign up using Twitter Account. Back end provides features to manage the stories and Users.


Christian Social Networking website developed using Zend Framework custom development method. It uses PHP programming language and MySQL as database. This project contains all the the basic features of a Social Networking website. Also includes Forum, Blog etc.


A Resort Listing website which is developed in Zend Framework using SaaS model. This site provides virtual sub domains to every Resort Profiles. Resort Profile can be customized from the Control Panel of each Sub Domains. All Control Panel features are available to all Customers.


Fully customizable Photo Gallery website developed using Zend Framework.


Social Networking website which helps to meet people of similar interests around the world. Built on Zend Framework.


Need expert help on Zend Development ?

As we are well experienced in Zend Development, we could help you in developing new project in Zend, Modifying Zend based project, moving core php or other framework based project into Zend Framework.

Please click here to submit your requirement from our Contact Us page. We will get back to you soon and provide all kinds of help in the Zend Framework Development.

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