Web Development

Earlier websites was static with text and images. In such websites, a web developer had no role and Web Designer did everything. But later websites changed to more complex by displaying dynamic contents and allowing User Interactions in many ways. This User Interactions, navigations, display etc needs the necessity of a Web Development Team to manage this in an efficient way.

Client who plans to develop a dynamic website has two choices: (a) Open Source Development (b) Custom Development. Open source development save Development Time and Cost but to choose a package and customize according to the requirement is not possible always. But for common websites like Social Networking, Blogs, Affiliate Marketing, Dating site etc can be done by using an Open Source package. The development Cost is only for adding new features to these package. Custom Development involvs real Web Development with requirement study, prepare a plan, coding, documentation, testing etc to achive the goal. With clear requirements, it can be extended easily to add more features to the product or site. Here also involvs many things to consider like a platform for developing the site, scripting lanuage used, coding style etc.

We are using both Open Source and Custom Development based on the factors like Client Requirements, Development Time, Budget, Future Plans etc. As an example, to build a forum, we always suggest an Open Source forum package. We are well known and expertise in building website using Custom Development rathern than Open Source package. Our main focuss is to Implement Innovative Ideas on the web with Custom Development.

We are working on a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and Apache) platform. Here we use PHP Scripting language and MySQL as database. Both are openscource, available cost effectively and almost all Hosting Firms are providing PHP Support. For developments, right now we are using Zend Framework for medium to bigger projects. For very small projects, we are using Codeigniter Framework.

Custom Web Development on our firm involvs Requirement Study, Build a Wireframe Model, Building an User Interface, Coding, Documentation, Testing etc. We are reporting clients regularly with the progress of the work and asking their feedback if necessary. Thus our clients also take part on the development and thus it won’t go out of their dream in any stage.

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