Advanced PHP Development using MVC Frameworks

Modern dynamic web development is using various web frameworks due to many of its advantages. We are providing Advanced PHP Development solutions of a number of selected frameworks such as Zend, Codeigniter and Cake PHP. All the frameworks we selected are written in PHP Scripting language and supporting all major databases especially MySQL. All of these frameworks are following MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture and is one of the important point which we need to consider while choosing a framework.

All of these frameworks are addressing the common features needed for any kinds of web development. This includes database management, Session Management, MVC Architecture, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Code Reusing, Caching, Security, Ajax, Web Services, SEO Friendly URLs etc. These frameworks provides libraries for handling all common actions for the Web Development.

We are using any framework when there is a need of a Custom Web Development. Our Team Members are expert in using all of these packages and we could do the development more faster than following procedural development using Core PHP. The features of this framework provide more quality website in terms of Code, Performance, Speed, Security and future modifications. Anyone could easily find a Team or Developer on these frameworks and future modifications are pretty easier than using their own frameworks with hidden documentation or encrypted code.

Our Solutions: Zend, Codeigniter and CakePHP

Zend is an Opensource Web Application framework written in PHP 5. It uses MVC Architure and is one of the widely using framework. Zend is provided by Zend Technologies, The PHP Company. We completed Five Medium to Big projects using Zend Framework. Our Team Members are well experienced in providing Zend Framework development solutions. Read more..

Codeigniter is an Opensource framework written in MVC Architure. This is developed by EllisLab. Codeigniter is very simple and is now considered as the starting point of studying a Web Application framework in PHP. Our professionals are using Codeigniter from 2009. Our professionals can provide good quality work with minimal development time using Codeigniter.

CakePHP is an Opensource framework written in PHP using MVC Architure. Our Team Members are good in providing dynamic web development using CakePHP. CakePHP uses well-known software engineering concepts and software design patterns, as Convention over configuration, Model-View-Controller, ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping and Front Controller.

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