We are a Web Development firm focusing on Custom Web Development in a LAMP Platform. All of our developments are based in PHP scripting language and MySQL as database. We are using different technologies in PHP for providing these services.

Our main services:

Web Development

Earlier websites was static with text and images. In such websites, a web developer had no role and Web Designer did everything. But later websites changed to more complex by displaying dynamic contents and allowing User Interactions in many ways. This User Interactions, navigations, display etc needs the necessity of a Web Development Team to manage this in an efficient way. read more…

Web Support and Maintenance

Web Support and Maintanace is another two areas of our Services. Almost all websites needs Support even after the initial development to go for next levels. We are providing continuous Support to our clients and keeping the relation. read more…

Web/UI Design

User Interface attracts site visitors than any other component of a Website. So Web Design is having a very important role in the success of a Website. While designing a website. read more…

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