A Resort Listing website which is developed in Zend Framework using SaaS model. This site provides virtual sub domains to every Resort Profiles. Resort Profile can be customized from the Control Panel of each Sub Domains. All Control Panel features are available to all Customers. As it is developed on SaaS model, more than one Users can login and customize simultaneously.Website : www.r4resorts.com


PreAcquaint.com is an empathy-creation website in which users share what something is like — or was like or will be like — with others in the form of stories which contain either only text or various combinations or text, images and video links. Website : www.preacquaint.com

Made By Bloem

Fully customizable Photo Gallery website developed using Zend Framework. www.madebybloem.nl
Website : www.madebybloem.nl


Social Networking website which helps to meet people of similar interests around the world. Built on Zend Framework.
Website : www.preacquaint.net


MeetOnCruise.com is a community for cruisers, by cruisers! Created this community to bring together people who love to cruise. The major works on this site involves the management of Cruise Schedule, User Profile, Reviews and Cruise & Member Search.
Website : www.meetoncruise.com

Bogus Banter

An online Word Game. Technology Used: Codeigniter Framework, PHP-MySql, JQuery
Website : www.bogusbanter.com

Keeper Commish

Fantasy Keeper League Management Site. This site allows to create, manage League and Teams of their League. The system will send notifications to Teams while they are reaching the deadline, different kinds of League Results Publication etc sections. This site uses Google Checkout for Team’s Account Upgradation.
Website : www.keepercommish.com

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