Why Framework?

Frameworks is a standard of current web developments. There are number of Frameworks developed in helping PHP developments very easily and professional manner. One of the main reason behind these Framework invention is the wide possibility of PHP. Earlier, PHP is considered as a simple Home Page building script but now it is using big enterprise based applications.The Enterprise or larger websites has lot of Files which contains the Logic of the application, Managing different level of Access, User Friendly URLs, communicating with third part services or APIs, communicating with other Language Servers or Applications or Running applications written in other languages etc.  These requirements needs lots of separation rather old procedural developments. This eventually leads to MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.I will write a detailed article about MVC architecture later. Here I would like to point out some of the advantage of using a Framework rather than following traditional procedural developments in PHP.

  • Good Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Built In Features
  • Security
  • Save development Cost
  • Trends of Web
  • Easy Maintenance & Modification
  • Resources

Good Architecture:

As the name indicates, Framework provides a good architecture to start building an application even to the new comers. Earlier packages written in PHP were following mostly few includes pages at the top. These includes are for:

  • Database connection
  • Site Configuration
  • Built In Functions
  • Write Custom Functions
  • External package Includes etc

One of the bigger problem is that, based on the experience and knowledge, each of developer has their own method to implement this. The include files doesn’t have a common name, common folder etc and the new developer have to spend much time to understand the concepts.

By the using of Framework like Zend, it provides a clear architecture in saving these files. And if someone needs to follow a different style, that also possible but the developer needed to change the default settings on the “initialization or framework configuration file”.

Object Oriented Programming

Many developers who are having only php development experience can’t able to start a project from scratch with a clear OOP style. This is because the PHP doesn’t support OOP earlier and thus the developers are not experienced with it.

Majority of the Frameworks are written in OOP style and its architecture allows to start a new application from scratch within a OOP layer without having any experience. Is that really helpful right ?

Built In Features

All Frameworks comes with a number of Built In features for accomplishing all common tasks. This includes Database connection, connecting with different database, Form Validation, working with common APIs, communicating with other languages, etc. This list goes on and each Framework has its own specification on this area.

A Framework written for Content Management System will be entirely different than one written for building normal websites. A normal websites framework will be different than a Enterprise level framework .. The separation goes like this.


One of the main reason, I started to using Framework is due to this Security awareness. In a project from scratch, we need lot of time to prevent all kinds of security attacks. All frameworks provides all kinds of solutions to resolve all security issues in a web based application or site.

Save Development Cost

Everybody in the world needs to reduce their development cost but keep the quality of the product. And of curse, Framework provides both of this. With the Built In Feature, wide range of resources etc Developer can save time.

Trends of Web

All Frameworks are updating its core packages or functionalities time by time to meet new requirements, to resolve newer security attacks etc. So with recent package, it is easier for the developers to enhance their work by implementing new trends of the web.

Easy Maintenance & Modification

Thus the code has a standard architecture, its resources are available everywhere, it is possible to maintain or modify the application. Though the developer changed, new comer can easily understand the concept and start working within few hours. It is really a big thing for someone who is looking for future.


A Framework is associated with a Company behind its development, support, enhancements and lot of tutorials for starting or customizing applications. Lot of developers with experienced on PHP and Framework specification available on any place, if you choose the right Framework.

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