Features of a Social Networking Website like Facebook

Many Social Networking Websites are available and Facebook is leading even after the introduction of Google Plus. There are many reasons which helps the Facebook to retain their position. All are having profiles on Facebook and now people turn into making Social Networking to cover a specific Group or Users.

Basic Features of a Social Networking Website

Any person who is inspired by either Faceook or Similar successful site to start a new one which focus on a specific area needs few basic features. These features includes User Sign Up, Account Login, Forgot Password, Edit Profile, Manage Email Alerts, Change Email and Password. Apart from this, every Social Networking Websites needs the features like:

Invite Contacts

The success of a Website is closely related to the number of Registered and Active Users on the site. Maybe while browsing, someone may register on the site but that won’t help in finding more Users through those kinds of people. But if someone likes the features of the website, surely they wish to create a group or make a network with their connections. Some of the important tools for growing the network are Site Search, News Feed, Suggestions, Invite Contacts etc. For a start up website, Invite Contacts is having a crucial role in the success of the website in terms of User Registration and Network building.

Invite Contacts should be shown during Registration but most of them will choose to Skip that option. But once they visit this interface later, surely it helps to make the site popular. The site should provide the option to invite their friends from popular mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail, AOL etc. There are many opensource packages which helps to achieve this goal easily without investing much time & money.

Profile Home

Facebook Profile

Profile Home is very very important as its appearance, information, layout and overall look are having very important role in making a site popular. The details which one user see on a Profile Home will be different while someone else is visiting based on the User Settings. There will be additional features on profile home like:

  • Friends List – Shows the Friends List of the profile owner.
  • Post on Wall – One can see the messages which are posted on the onwer’s wall based on Settings. Also it allows the option to post message based on many site specific options.
  • Manage Friend Request – Allows an option to manage the recent friend requested received from Profile Home.

Manage Friends

This interface allows to manage the Friends List which contains the options like:

  • Accept or Ignore Friend Request
  • Shows the List of Friends
  • Remove or Block Friends etc


Private Messaging is another essential feature which is required while you are going to develop a Social Networking Website. This helps to manage the communication between two users through the interfaces which looks like a Mail Service Provider is offering. This involves the Inbox, Sent Items and Compose interfaces. This needs instant notifications to be received on their Email, which can be controlled from Alerts Management Interface.

Photos, Album and Videos

All Websites provides a feature to Upload a Profile Picture during Sign Up. This picture is displayed along with their Screen Name or User Name with a link to their Profile Home.

Album is another common feature which helps to keep the User to visit the website in future to Upload new photos or comment on an Album of another User etc.

Not all Websites are offering Video Management features. But it will be great, if you provide the feature like sharing Videos from Popular Website like Youtube or Vimeo

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