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After the success of the Social Networking Site like Facebook, MySpace etc, many of them started or starting new Social Networking Sites on their own areas. On the post “Features of a Social Networking Website like Facebook or MySpace”, I mentioned about the basic features of a Social Networking Site.

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Create a Social Networking Site – Domain Registration & Platform for Development

On this post, I would like to discuss the steps to create our own Social Networking Site like Facebook or MySpace. To start any Website, we need to do some basic steps like Register and Own a Domain Name, Choose the Website Category, choose the language which you plan to develop etc. Here I wish to mention the steps after you own a Domain Name.

Next step is to decide which Scripting Language you plan to develop the whole website. PHP is widely used and there are many resources, comparatively low in development, so we can go with PHP-MySQL platform for development.

Custom Or Opensource Development

Next is to choose the Development method for your Website which is either Opensource or Custom Development. Custom Development may need more time & thus the cost is comparatively higher than Opensource development. Custom Development may have few other options like:

  • Customize a Paid Package
  • Custom Development from Scratch

Customize a Paid Package

Many paid packages available on net which provides the basic features of a Social Networking Website. We can extend the package by purchasing Modules or Plugins which provides more functionality. Another option is to add new Modules on the purchased package. The second option needs an experienced developer on that package, otherwise the cost of the development will be high. When you choose a package, you have to check the following:

  • Company behind the package
  • Developed websites on this package
  • Reviews and Customer Feedback regarding the package & Support
  • Developer Availability
  • Basic Features
  • Modules and other add on functionality
  • Finally Price

Examples of Social Networking Paid Packages:

PHP Fox LogoSocial Engine Logo

Custom Development from Scratch

Custom Development means the development of the full system from scratch. This usually needs lots of time & thus cost also. Here also one need to find an expert in developing your site, I prefer one who developed or knows the concepts of a Social Networking Website. The price depends on the company, their standard, experience and lots of other points.

Some of the important points which we need to consider while choosing a Custom Development Team are:

  • Experience of the Team in Social Networking
  • Development Framework chosen – The development technologies which the Team is chose for the website like Zend or Codeigniter or CakePHP etc
  • Development Time
  • Development Progress – Whether they report you and shows the Progress while developing the site.

Custom Social Networking Development from Scratch from Advanced PHP Solutions

As a general, we are an expert team in developing a Social Networking Website from Scratch. You can contact us from here, with the features you are planning on the site and our team will help you to implement the idea on the web.

Opensource Development

On PHP-MySQL platform, there are many Opensource packages available which helps to create your Social Networking Website within few minutes. While choosing a specific Opensource package, you need to consider all points I mentioned above as part of a Paid Package except the price.

Examples of Opensource Development packages:

Elgg LogoBuddy Press Logo

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